Suggested itineraries by foot in Orvieto


Anello della Rupe – path around the cliff of Orvieto surrounded by nature. A route of about 5 km inside the environmental archaeological park of Orvieto (Paao) accessible from several points of the city and skirts the internal perimeter of the cliff in a succession of ups and downs between shaded and wooded areas and panoramic points. Recommended clothing and comfortable shoes, it does not present excessive difficulties even if some sections have a steep slope. Walking along the ring of the cliff allows you to see the cliff up close and the different stratifications of volcanic material that generated it as well as to appreciate panoramic glimpses and views of the archaeological area of ​​the underlying necropolis of Crocifisso del Tufo with its etruscan tombs.

Trekking along the archaeological site of Campo della Fiera
starting from Orvieto center and heading in the direction of Gabelletta, you can make a journey of about 6 kilometers going down in the direction of the ancient aqueduct (Arcone area). From here, taking a dirt road, you reach the large archaeological excavation area where, in recent years, important historical finds have emerged which have led scholars to believe the area corresponds to the famous federal sanctuary of the Etruscan league (Fanum Voltumnae). In fact, the excavation area has brought to light numerous bases of Etruscan temples, a large road from the Etruscan-Roman era, a Roman villa with an adjoining thermal structure decorated with beautiful mosaics. The  objects found on the site are exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto, located in Piazza Duomo.

Discovering the 4 city districts – Orvieto is divided into 4 different districts. The city center where they meet coincides with the Torre del Moro. Orvieto in Terrazza is located in the Corsica district. In this area there are elements of both modern and ancient structures. To see in particular the Church of San Domenico and the nearby underground labyrinth of Hadrian. Moving towards the Olmo district, you cross the oldest part of the city with the ancient Church of San Giovenale and the Pozzo della Cava. Continuing we arrive at the Serancia district with Piazza della Repubblica, the Church of Sant’Andrea and its very ancient underground passages. Finally, we arrive at Piazza Duomo where the cathedral stands to end the walk in the Santa Maria della Stella district. The route, in its entirety, takes about two hours and can be done easily.

Guided Visits and Activities


Visite guidate del Duomo e del centro storico
To  discover at the best the artistic and historical wealth of Orvieto, various proposals for thematic guided tours are available upon reservation. The visits are carried out by expert local tourist guides who will lead you in the discovery of the city’s treasures, from the Cathedral and its wonders, from the Etruscan finds and museums to the numerous underground sites that represent the hidden and suggestive part of Orvieto. More info at :

Orvieto Underground – it offers guided tours of the caves located in the heart of the tuffaceous cliff. Departure point and ticket office are in Piazza Duomo, near the local tourism office. Different departure times are available each day to visit the city’s underground in groups. The caves of Orvieto Underground offer the possibility to see a historical glimpse of Orvieto passing through different historical periods. The duration of the visit is about 1 hour and the path is quite easy even if you need adequate shoes. The visits are available in Italian and English.

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Tour in bus  – A ride on an electric bus through the main streets of the city, passing through the main squares with the possibility of getting on and off at different points such as Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Duomo and Piazza Cahen.