Main City Events

Main Events in Orvieto


Corpus Christi celebration & Historic Parade

A historic and religious event where the sacred cloth, Sacro Corporale is accompanied by a historical procession of medieval costumes. The procession is composed of all the municipal courts of the time, coats of arms, and weapons of the noble families of Orvieto.

The Palombella

A traditional religious feast in Orvieto that takes place on Pentecost Day. According to this religious event a dove representing the “Holy Spirit” flies in a special carrier from the Via Maitani into the Duomo square, just in front of the cathedral. 

The Gelati d’Italia festival

An important national festival of hand produced ice cream. A competition between some of the most important and famous ice cream artisans coming from different italian regions.

Umbria Jazz Winter

A music festival that includes a series of concerts held in historic buildings throughout Orvieto during the end of the year. It is one of the most important jazz music festivals in Italy.

The Presepe nel Pozzo

A traditional and charming depiction of the Nativity set in the etruscan origin Pozzo della Cava, set in the medieval quarter of Orvieto. (Christmas period).